Blue Shampoo and Brunette Hair Care

Until recently, brunettes have left with no solution for their very own shower regimen of color care maintenance.

With the advent of blue shampoo, now, brunettes have a miracle product to call their own, which gives equally transformational results on blonde strands by purple shampoo.

So, blue shampoo is a total game-changer for brown-haired women, who had to run to their colorist when undesired warmth popped up in their colored hair.

Although the principle of the color wheel remains the same, blue shampoo differs to its purple counterpart.

First, adhere to the basics. According to KC Professional USA, Hair color has underlying warmth when the hair has been lightened with hair color or bleach. Lighter hair color has yellow undertones while darker hair color has orange undertones.

As a brunette, you may notice that the underlying warmth of your hair turns to brassy over time. The particular business is natural and is due to repeated shampooing, frequent exposure to sun and regular use of heat styling tools.

As cool tones are complementary to warm tones on the color wheel, blue works to neutralize any red or orange tones that are prone to develop in dark blonde to brunette hair.

So, the blue-violet pigments in shampoos act as a toner to cool down the warm hues that appear naturally after lightening your hair and restore its neutral tone.

Color Mask Coffee- Color refreshing treatment – for dark brown and black hair is a unique intensive treatment contains purple and blue pigments that maintains and deepens the present shade of colored hair.

Color Mask treatment is specially formulated for refreshing the shade of colored hair in between salon visits, darkening hair or lightly toning, evening out and brightening lighter hair. 

This breakthrough formula contains keratin derivatives and pro-vitamin B5 which effectively repair and reconstruct chemically treated and damaged hair.

Plus, the lauded wheat amino acids, corn and soy proteins fortifies softens and prevents breakage hair by sealing the cuticle to reduce artificial pigment loss and protects the intensity of your color while restoring more vitality and vibrancy.

While Color Mask Coffee- Color refreshing treatment – for dark brown and black hair is recommended for color-treated brown hair, natural brunettes can also benefit from this advanced formula, because natural brown hair is also susceptible to oxidizing, fading.

The faux brunettes will benefit the most from using blue shampoo than naturally blessed because their hair cuticles are expanded, but it will make virgin brown hair extra shiny because most of the pigments stay on the hair’s surface.

However, it is a good idea to balance everything out with a bluish hue.

A blue-based treatment is not recommended on yellow undercoats. As blue and yellow combine to make green, anyone with light blonde hair should avoid blue tints and stick to that come under violet tint.

Massage evenly into clean damp hair. Comb through and leave in for 5-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity.

Rinse thoroughly.

Use once a week or apply more often, if you want a deeper result. The lighter the hair is, the more intense the result will be. We recommend using protective gloves!

This Cruelty-free, vegan-certified and biodegradable Color Mask products are also free from sulfates, and parabens, making them kind to both the planet and your hair.